PROAIM 12′ Carbon Fiber Boom Pole with 16

  • Extension up to 12 feet with collapsible sections to provide shorter lengths to 3 feet
  • Internally wired with male XLR cable plug at base to eliminate cable mess
  • Strong, lightweight, durable, with special coating to reduce handling noise
  • Supports microphones up to 13 inches
  • Comes with 40cm blimp windshield

This lightweight carbon-fiber internally wired extendable boom pole eliminates messy cabling, protects your audio from wind noise and other sound, and can support microphones up to 13 inches. Maximum extension is 12 feet. Microphone changes are made quick and easy, and direct XLR cabling eliminates messy cabling by passing wiring through the pole. High-density graphite carbon fiber tubes provide strength and durability.

* Length: 12 feet (extended), 3.6 feet (collapsed)
* Diameter of boom pole: 29mm
*Size of boom pole sections: 3 feet
* Color of boom pole: grey black
* Microphone holder size: maximum of 25-centimeter diameter microphone

Compatible with the following microphones:
– Rode NTG-1, NTG-2, NTG-3
– Akg – C 451 B
– Audio-Technica – AT897
– Audio-Technica – AT875 R
– Audio-Technica – BP4029
– Audio-Technica – BP4073
– Audio-Technica – BP4073 A
– Audio-Technica – AT5073 A
– Neumann- KMR 81i
– Sanken – CS-1
– Schoeps – CMIT-5U
– Schoeps – CMC6 Microphone Preamp
– Sennheiser – MKH416/MKH415
– Sennheiser -MKH418S
– Sennheiser -MKH60
– Sennheiser -ME66
– Sennheiser -ME64, ME66
– Shure – SM8


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