Lens2scope 10mm 1:4 Eyepiece for Canon EF/EF-S Lens, Angle View, White Color

  • 10mm 1:4 eyepiece for Canon EF/EF-S mount lens
  • 42 degree apparent field of view with angled observation view
  • 20mm long eye relief with foldable rubber eyecup for eyeglass observation
  • Convert a telephoto lens to a spotting scope, or a macro lens to a long working distance loupe
  • Detachable tripod mount design ; Fast Release metal lens mount

This innovative product is a great addition to your SLR camera lens collection. Weighting only 185 grams, Lens2scope unlashes the power of camera lens and turn it into a powerful spotting scope in a single snap. With the advanced ED,APO glass or even the aspherical elements used in the modern camera lens, you can fully take advantages of the high quality optics and make the crystal sharp observation by Lens2scope. Having both quality spotting scope and camera lens in your camera bag without the redundant weight loading is now possible.
When attached with the camera lens, the spotting scope optical magnification ratio is the camera lens focal length divided by Lens2scope focal length of 10mm. For example, if it’s attached to the 70-200mm f/4 zoom telephoto lens, the combination is a 7-20X zoom spotting scope. The macro lens can also be used with Lens2scope as a long working distance loupe. With the 1:1 magnification macro lens, it becomes a 25X loupe with the right erected image.
Focal length: 10m
Maximum aperture: 1:2 on axis; Minimum 1:4 through field of View
Lens construction: 5 elements in 3 groups
Prism system: Roof Prism
Apparent field of view: 42 degrees
Maximum exit pupil: 2.5mm
Eye relief: 20mm with foldable eyecup for glass wear observation.
Spotting scope magnification ratio: 1/10X the focal length of the lens mounted.
Loupe magnification ratio: 25X when the lens mounted has 1:1 macro capability.
Focus adjustment: By camera lens
Zoom system: By camera lens
Dimensions: Straight: Length 18 x Width 8 x Height 9 cm
Angled: Length 18 x Width 8 x Height 11cm
Weight: Approximately 185 grams
Tripod : detachable tripod mount for light weight lens only
Lens mount compatible: Canon EF(EF-S), Nikon F(DX) as 2010/10.*
* Among these lens mounts listed, Lens2scope is not compatible with lens uses “drive by wire only” focus mechanism.


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