ePhoto Pro Studio Video 4500W Digital Photography Studio 3 Softbox Lighting Kit Light Set and Carrying Case H9060S3

  • ePhoto Premium Video Photo 3 softbox light Kit
  • Ideal for portraits, Studio, Video and Photography
  • Perfect for dynamic video and photography
  • 15 x 60Watt Perfect day light = 4500 Watt Total Output
  • Brand New with Padded Case

This set up uses professional quality materials and provides excellent results as a stand-alone unit. It will also integrate perfectly with any additional studio lighting or gels that you may want to use for portrait or product shooting. The high output light stand is height adjustable to give you maximum flexibility and the softbox reflector on top creates a perfect light stream to your subject.

Following item are included:

15 x 60w perfect day light bulbs 5500K(60w CFL= 300W output)
3 x 6.5 ft. tripods folded down to 30″
3 x Light Heads (5 lights in each head) with 5 on/off switch
3 x 21″ x 28″ soft boxes inner and outer diffuser is included.
1 x Deluxe Padded Carrying Case


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