Cotton Carrier Belt System For 1 Camera (CC-514-RTL-S)

  • Designed for 1 any type & size of camera and lens combination
  • Eliminates neck straps that cause neck strain and swinging cameras
  • Secure camera locking system, with instant release
  • Perfect for wedding, sports, nature, and studio photography
  • Side Holster Can be Weared on Vest, Belt, Pants, or Onto Your Backpack.

This Carry-Lite camera system fits all camera types and allows for secure support of one camera on the included Side Camera Holster.

This is Cotton Carrier’s most comfortable, stable side-carrying solution yet.

The removable Side Camera Holster is made of durable 1680 Denier Polypropylene fitted with a Lexan camera receptacle.

Contents include:
1 Camera Belt
1 Side Holster
1 Shoulder Strap
1 Angled Hub
1 Flat Hub
1 Camera Tether
1 Bonus Hand Strap
1 Bonus Universal Tripod Adapter

The New Cotton Carrier Vest System works perfect for all types of cameras and gives ability for photographer to do every function they want with their Cotton Carrier. From going to a tripod to being able to carry their camera with ease.

The new belt system replaces the 511CCL (Carry-Lite for Regular) and the 522PRO (Carry-Lite for pro)


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