Caffco International Dana Wittmann Ceramic Plate, Starfish, Set of 4

March 31, 2017 § Leave a comment

Dana wittman’s pieces reflect the culture of the south, including shrimp, crab, gators, sea shells and different varieties of colorful fish and birds. Mix in a little of the new Orleans bayou and you have the tasteful, fun ceramic pottery pieces, metal yard decor and canvas wall art that exemplifies her creative life. Each piece is inspired by the lines of the gulf coast, where Dana grew up and a donation is made from every piece sold to new beginnings missions healing room, a non-profit prayer ministry made up of many Christian denominations that she and her mother founded to help those in need. Celebrate this artist and other fabulous home and garden decor designers with caffco international. Back in 1950, jimmy Thompson opened a modest flower shop in Alabama’s capital city and had a few sound concepts that he incorporated into business. From then until now, those principles and values have enabled caffco to grow and evolve into a one-of-a-kind establishment. We are a company whose commitment to those timeless philosophies and ethics has assured us a position as an industry leader in pleasing and original home and garden pieces. Our top designers use a variety of materials in all types of mediums to provide unique elements that have a real wow. Factor for you or anyone who walks through your door. Owning our own manufacturing facility means we have the ability to oversee the entire process when creating our vast selection of exciting products. These components, along with our extraordinary and dedicated staff and employees are what make us a superior company, one you will rely on for all your everyday and seasonal decorating needs. See for yourself. Caffco, creativity featured daily.
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