Caffco International Dana Wittmann Ceramic Plate, Starfish, Set of 4

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Dana wittman’s pieces reflect the culture of the south, including shrimp, crab, gators, sea shells and different varieties of colorful fish and birds. Mix in a little of the new Orleans bayou and you have the tasteful, fun ceramic pottery pieces, metal yard decor and canvas wall art that exemplifies her creative life. Each piece is inspired by the lines of the gulf coast, where Dana grew up and a donation is made from every piece sold to new beginnings missions healing room, a non-profit prayer ministry made up of many Christian denominations that she and her mother founded to help those in need. Celebrate this artist and other fabulous home and garden decor designers with caffco international. Back in 1950, jimmy Thompson opened a modest flower shop in Alabama’s capital city and had a few sound concepts that he incorporated into business. From then until now, those principles and values have enabled caffco to grow and evolve into a one-of-a-kind establishment. We are a company whose commitment to those timeless philosophies and ethics has assured us a position as an industry leader in pleasing and original home and garden pieces. Our top designers use a variety of materials in all types of mediums to provide unique elements that have a real wow. Factor for you or anyone who walks through your door. Owning our own manufacturing facility means we have the ability to oversee the entire process when creating our vast selection of exciting products. These components, along with our extraordinary and dedicated staff and employees are what make us a superior company, one you will rely on for all your everyday and seasonal decorating needs. See for yourself. Caffco, creativity featured daily.
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Will be shipped from US. Used books may not include companion materials, may have some shelf wear, may contain highlighting/notes, may not include CDs or access codes. 100% money back guarantee.
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Putco 97293 Stainless Steel Full Fender Trim Kit for GMC Sierra HD

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The Putco stainless steel fender trim gives your vehicle a truly custom look. It installs easily using stainless steel hardware and includes a UV-resistant rubber edge trim for a customized fit. Made of 304 stainless steel and covered by Putco’s NeveRust lifetime warranty. Complete the custom look by adding Putco mirror, head lamp or tail light covers.
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Skin Savers – A Dozen Tips to Save Your Skin This Summer

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If spring comes, can summer be far behind? And when summer comes it doesn’t come alone. It brings a truckload of problems. Severe sunburns to your skin can be the most dreaded of all menaces triggered by those hot and hostile UV (ultra violet) rays.However, those UV rays cease to be dangerous when confronted nicely. You have to take just some simple steps( a dozen only, if you know how to count) to disallow your skin to fall prey to the heat of summer1. Never step out in open without sunscreen lotion wrapped around those body parts which come in the direct contact of the sun and its deadly UV rays.2. Try to finish all your necessary works which demand direct exposure to sun much before ten O’ Clock. If you couldn’t get them finished on time then leave them pending until it is three O’ Clock. The sun cools down by then.3. Drinking a lot of water and juice helps enough to prevent sunburns. Doing so maintains the glow of skin greatly and detoxification is felicitated. Drinking green tea too can have the same effect.4. A lady who has undergone a skin enhancement surgery very recently or has gone through botox injections session must try her best to avoid direct sunlight at any cost. The UV rays may reverse the improvement.5. Covering your head makes sunscreen lotions twice as effective, so leave your home with a cap or hat on your head always. However, an umbrella too can be a viable substitute.6. Using soap based cleansers to clean your skin in summer season can backfire. Try using a non-soap or foam based facial cleanser. It drags out all the impurities and doesn’t allow the skin to go dry. Avoid using scrubs injudiciously.7. Wear those woman clothing made of 100 percent cotton only. They help your skin ‘breath.’ Wearing blended fabrics or polyester causes sunburns even if you have used a high quality sunscreen lotion.8. Avoid netted and thin fabrics. They allow the deadly sun rays to pass through them which results in severe sunburns. Thus use semi-thick cotton fabrics.9. Even fashion accessories such as hats and designer scarves should come in light shades but not in complete white. They help in keeping the skin cool. Avoid wearing fashion apparel in deep shades such as deep blue, black, red, purple etc.10. Before you apply a sunless tanner, always get your skin exfoliated. Exfoliation helps in even and smooth application of the sunless tanner. Get assured that it contains SPF of 15 or more.11. If exfoliation seems to be costly amid this recession, why don’t you try something at home? Mix the pastes of cucumber, papaya and turmeric together and use it as an exfoliation facial mask. Applying glycolic acid too is a handy step.12. Applying other body care products such as nourishing moisturizer before you apply sunscreen is a must. It prolongs the effects of sunscreens and prevents the skin from getting dried. Buy such one which contains Vitamin D and Vitamin E both.

1996 Suzuki GSX 600 F Katana Engine Oil Pan

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1996 Suzuki GSX 600 F Katana Engine Oil Pan

The Oil Pan is located on the bottom of the motor, contains the engine oil and covers the oil pickup. The Condition of this part is Used.

A used Oil Pan will be structurally sound and will not leak. All mounting points will be intact. Due to the location of this component on the bike, cosmetic imperfections, stone chips and other blemishes are considered normal wear.

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CenDyne 6x4x32 EIDE Internal CD-RW Drive (PC Only)

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The CenDyne internal 6x/4x/32x IDE CD-RW drive is a high-performance drive that delivers fast 32x read speed, 6x write speed, and 4x rewrite speed. The CenDyne connects to your PC with an included IDE cable and boasts a 2 MB buffer memory and data transfer rates up to 4,800 KBps. With the CenDyne, you can write, rewrite, store, and transfer your information on CD-R and CD-RW discs, which can hold up to 650 MB of data. It enables you to store data quickly and safely on CD, making it a versatile and inexpensive tool for sharing and backing up your important files. The drive uses disc-at-once, track-at-once, incremental, packet, and multisession writing methods.

The CenDyne internal drive uses an ATAPI interface (cable included) and is compatible with PCs running Microsoft Windows 95, 98, or NT 4.0. It comes with a Nero Burning ROM, an 8x/80-minute CD-R disc, cables, and documentation. Nero Burning ROM software enables you to copy audio, video, and data CDs, create MP3 files from audio CDs, back up single files or entire hard drives, and burn video CDs.
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Premium quality rechargeable replacement battery pack compatible with the model(s) stated. The battery can be recharged with the original battery charger/main adapter or METAXA battery charger.
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